Friday, August 29, 2008

All Mother Sentient Beings...

Mother, mater, matter. In 2004 I was fortunate beyond my wildest dreams to have a private tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On a Monday afternoon, when the museumis closed, I entered through the staff door during the run of Byzantium exhibition. Being invited by an art's attorney friend who worked there to stroll through the Met amongst the gold iconic virgins, frescoes, illuminated manuscripts, metalwork and liturgical objects without another soul being present was an outrageously incredible once in a lifetime experience that I will be ever grateful for.
I've long been interested in icons but following the opportunity to wander among 350 works gathered from museums and collections around the world I felt compelled to try my hand at a contemporary rendition.
Today I took a detail print from one of the paintings from 2004 and created a mantra from it.


  1. Do you sell your art? THis is wonderful!

  2. This icon is beautiful, I love the movement around the figures. like holy spirit breath/energy
    i like the stitching too. is this on canvas?

  3. Hi Odd Chick, thanks for your comment. I so appreciate your interest :-)

    Yes my work is available. This piece is heading for my September 14 opening in Oberlin, Ohio at FAVA Gallery. She is framed and measures 10 x 8 inches. Cost: $175.00.
    There are also pieces available with this same icon image in my Cafe Press store. This link takes you to her page:
    and my website address where there are many other paintings is

  4. Hi Indigo girl...
    Thanks for the Holy Spirit breath comment that works for me.

    She is a work on paper using mixed media. I start by printing out a detail from the original painting which is then combined with different papers and metalic paints, stitching and words.


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