Friday, December 7, 2007

Something Wonderful Has Emerged...Day 5

The one week Artist Residency at Kingston Elementary School is now over. It's a fabulous school. Mrs. Proffitt, the wonderful and 'trapeze artist' of an art teacher made me feel so welcome in her many classes which she handles masterfully. The student body was excited and so very welcoming and their preliminary work is full of life and discovery. Every detail of the week (and beyond) was attended to by the exceptional organizational expert Jill Campbell.

Posted here is a detail of the nearly complete piece for the school library. Throughout the week we have celebrated the Lynnhaven River watershed and it's native inhabitants; plants, animals and water life.
I photographed the painting from above as it lays on the floor so there is a bit of distortion. This weekend I'll push pin the canvas into my studio painting wall, stand a good distance away, look at the piece in reflection which offers a sense of objectivity and see what's needed to bring us round to the 'we have a painting' stage. When we get there it will be time to apply the varnish and once dry, the brass grommets. The painting will hang as a canvas tapestry, loose and relaxed approximately 2" away from the wall.

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