Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Something Wonderful Day 3

We're at the mid point of the week long residency and the canvas has been trimmed to the actual size of 52.5 by 93 inches. Excitement is growing and clearly the students, from K-5, view this experience as performance art....and it is. Simply witnessing an artist walking on a canvas as its being painted makes for an electric atmosphere.

It will be a grand two days as we all watch the 'One Hundred Steps Along the Lynnhaven River' project come into form.


  1. Iona -

    What fun tonight to hear in great detail from our 1st grader all he learned from you today during his art class ... and he had all the specifics correct! He was thrilled to have you mention how we all met and he still talks of our first hike in First Landing State Park when we met on the trail!

    The buzz at Kingston Elementary is huge. The staff has LOVED this project - the focus (Lynnhaven River), the approach, the excitement of the students! You are, as to be expected, a huge hit! What joy and satisfaction I have gotten to see all these students reach out to you and say hello as they walk by and peak at the progress ... they have a connection with you!

    But then, I knew this was RIGHT! I just knew the fit was perfect!

    A big THANKS for all the effort! We hope you feel all the warmth at Kingston!

    Jill Campbell and family (aka your biggest fans!)

  2. dear tribe of the turtles, toads and blue tailed skinks...
    yes my work and the kingston residency is an excellent fit and clearly the students are in the groove of exploring the lynnhaven river watershed prior to our human involvement in the ecological balance. as they observe the painting coming to life they work on drawings that they are creating a deeper awareness for everyone of the fragile and powerful role we play as we impact our surroundings...can't learn that lesson too soon can you?
    thanks for every thing!


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