Friday, December 14, 2007

Eye of the Beholder

I went to the see a showing of Milarepa
at the Naro last evening.

I find it to be of great benefit to be reminded, by the story of this Tibetan Buddhist hero, that it is possible to face our inner demons and to 'not look back'.

It's the close of 2007 and this has been a good week for review, reflection and release. Release the demons, soften the heart to what is.

Seeing this film brought tremendous gifts, not the least of which are the visual reminders of my Tibet travels some years ago. Glorious, difficult life.

During my morning 'sit' as Great Blue Heron squawked her prehistoric rant into the cove and as a soft soft soft Great Horned Owl duet whispered in the pre dawn just outside my window I could feel the beauty of simply sitting still. Breathing in the coolness and breathing out the warmth and wishing well for all sentient beings near and far.

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