Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Such a Small World

My first day of posting (November 2) over at Art Calendar's Artscuttlebutt.com I received a contact from an instant 'old friend' ... http://orionwhitedog.blogspot.com/ who so sweetly reached out to say that she remembers me from my gallery
owning days. I've posted an image 'Temple Garden' that would have been in my gallery's front window at that time....so long ago.
She lives in my old neck of the woods, literally in the forest, loves to paint and watch birds (here here) and is a poet...what a gift to 'meet' and chat and create friendship with a kindred spirit.
Gotta step outside the ol' comfort zone and even this baby step of starting an artist's blog has brought benefit. It's my two week anniversary and I'm beginning to feel a groove.

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  1. thank you for all your kind and generous words...so necessary after a phone call this evening with a friend who is damaged and hurting. i felt inadequate, rattled and sad. throughout the conversation i prayed for the right words and for healing.
    your blog is impressive, i think you're the one who could be teaching me a thing or two! congrats on a number of things..the art scuttlebutt news and the angel book!
    oh and Ursuline College--I'll have to visit the exhibit.


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