Saturday, November 10, 2007

Into the Rabbit Hole

It may be the best of times and the worst of moon in Scorpio...trip on down to the Underworld. If you're looking for an infusion of the best of what can Be please visit my friends Sandra Mosley and Gaye Nelson

both of these wonderful women of power turn our attention to cycles of death and rebirth and all that is possible in these naturally 'dark days' of the year.

Speaking of moon cycles my favorite Lunar calendar of all time (and not just because my art is included for the 7th year) is the Lunar Calendar edited by the marvelously 'Luny Lady', Nancy Passmore: check it out and as Nancy says, "Look up!"

I've been a student of the moon cycles for many years's this moon through my filters:
I call this my Lifecycle it in it's entirety at

November 9 - December 8
"There are two big forces at work, external and internal. We have very little control over external forces such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, disasters, illness and pain. What really matters is the internal force. How do I respond to those disasters? Over that I have complete control." "Leo Buscaglia

In November and December the visiting energies continue to circle back around to the way things started out in the early part of the year. The quality of the energy has adjusted itself and now offers us a higher octave in which to connect with our most compassionate nature.

Who are you now compared with who you were back then? Have you made strides to reinvent the best of your abilities?

The power of this period comes through the wisdom to share the peace that you are with others. Be a diplomat, a mediator, a peacemaker in whatever arena you find yourself.

Don’t be shy, sparkle, and give something back that demonstrates your ability to listen to your gut and proceed with a sense of limitless reach. Shine. Our keyword for this moon cycle is strength. Believe that you have plenty and express gratitude to yourself for investing in such a way that you can identify this quality as a real and deep aspect of who you truly are.

Return to February in your minds eye and reconnect to the best of what you allowed into your experience at that time. Pay it forward and ask for the dividends to be made apparent.

Become Light.

Stepping into December take the time to celebrate the success of the year. Be aware of the balance of your own inner climate. If it’s necessary to blow off a little steam… find a creative way to do so. Most of all be about calling your spirit back so that you feel the strength of connection with your core. If your life circumstance requires that you move through crisis know that this cycle's assistance will come with your willingness to endure whatever visits.

We’re being given a chance to experience success, a time of optimism, humor and play. Take advantage of the gift by expressing what would otherwise bring depression.

Look the word endurance up in the dictionary and apply the meaning to your life.

Exercise: Honor your strength and your ability to endure as you invest this cycle in forms of self expression that lighten hearts and minds…beginning with your own and extending the gift to all you meet. Laugh whenever possible and when situations feel least likely to inspire levity find a way to flip it and then laugh all the more. You’ll be uplifting the planet.

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