Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Following the Moon: Renewing the Heart

Step 1: Paper mache covers guitar
paper mache skin on half-size guitar 

I send all best to you as we wind down this mysterious time of the natural year when deep internal realinment takes place preparing us for the approaching 90 days of spring.

I've invested this moon in renewing my heart. I've been sitting in the quiet of my studio creating a tribute to my dear friend and mentor Ann Dearsley Vernon.
The video shows Ann's art created in the 12 months following a cutting edge medical treatment, the insertion of an LVAD. The procedure gave Ann a new lease on life...her vitality and passion soared and her paintings flowed like the newly revitalized blood in her veins.

On December 12 at 2am Ann suffered a massive stroke. Since that time she has been unable to communicate clearly and her time is spent in physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions. Every aspect of her recovery is made more complicated and affected by the LVAD that literally keeps her on the planet.

Honoring the family's request for holding back and not flooding her with visitors I sat and wondered what I could do so that my love for her was being directed in a healthy way. When the idea came: create a tribute...every step fell into place.

Along came the call for artists to create an 'instrument of art' for the 6th annual Sea Level Festival's . Both Ann and I have been active with Tidewater Arts Outreach since it began in 2004. TAO is the organization that hosts the SeaLevel Festival and so I accepted the half size guitar offered to me and went into the studio.

A work of art using someone elses images, in this case Ann Vernon's paintings as transfers, became my new experience as I moved forward to create a tribute to her life well lived.
  begin to lay in color and texture
Step 4: layers of paint carved with transfer applied
Step 5: back of guitar with repeat transfer of Ann's painting of her fall in the garden
 add repeat transfers of Ann's painting of her memory of collapsing in her garden

Step 6: side panel with transfer of Ann's painting of 'Word Salad'
one side of the guitar holds a transfer of her painting 'Word Salad'...
Step 8" side panel wirh Ann's painting 'My Mechanical  Heart'
  the opposite side panel with Ann and her painting 'My Mechanical Heart'...
We're in the Full Moon phase of the Renewal/Purity moon cycle. A lovely time to take a deep breath and renew the love of your heart.

As we move into the last weeks of the winter 'Mystery' quadrant of this year's Natural Wheel I dream of best health to your heart and for our world.

Enjoy your Luna See


  1. Hi Donna, I have awarded your blog the Liebster Award. You can find out more about it here:http://joyitaneerkaje.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-liebster-blog-award.html

  2. A beautiful tribute to your friend...

  3. This is a beautiful tribute to your sick friend. It is always hard when someone that we love is facing something that we cannot help them with. I am sure that this will help lift her spirits and help her maintain a healthy recovery.

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  4. Hope you are well, my friend, and will be back with us soon. You are missed.

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  8. A beautiful story and tribute.. .and so creative too.

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