Friday, June 15, 2012

Following the Moon: Growing Pains

MOCA Plein Aire class in my garden, Drozda, 2012

Welcome to Following the Moon...can you sense into and feel the need for an Art/Life stretch? It's Growing-pain time...and that's meant to be a healthy and beneficial sensation.

Week by week , as Luna-tics, we engage the natural rhythm of the moon cycles and the seasons to find our current creative flow. This week we end the 'Illumination' Moon cycle . Illumination visits each year during the Moon of June. Of course nature could care less about our calendars and not every moon falls exactly within the confines of a month. For example, currently we're experiencing the half n' half quality of the new moon falling at the midpoint of the month. This makes for an interesting opportunity to straddle our keywords...the moon cycle now closing is the Wisdom/Illumination cycle.

We're in the Balsamic Phase between now and Tuesday's New Moon. Each month these last several Balsamic days, prior to the New Moon, are perfect for dreaming.

What do you dream of growing in the cycle ahead?
The New Moon, beginning on Tuesday, June 19, brings us the Illumination/Growth cycle. In June, July and August we're looking at the most fertile and expansive period of the Natural Year. Whatever you are intending for the Natural Year's walk from Equinox in March all the way round to next spring when we begin anew...really put a push on now.

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