Monday, May 21, 2012

Following the Moon:

Luna See, Drozda, ink on Bristol, 2012

Welcome to Following the Moon... This week we begin the 'Illumination' Moon which visits us each year during the Moon of June. This New Moon began on Sunday, May 20, in the early evening (EDT). Perhaps you were able to witness the extraordinary 'ring of fire' solar eclipse.

This is a great time to set your Art/Life creatively ablaze for the 6 Moon/Months ahead. From the Equinox in March through the Equinox in September the primary creative quality is 'masculine action'...step up...step's completely natural to get a move on now. What would you like to have sizzle into your creative expression between now and November? Keep a journal...track the steps you need to take.

In June, with the Gemini Moon, you can be natural and seek to expand. Each New Moon provides space for a vision. Start with a vision that can expand your mind. This is a great Moon/Month to continue the active push that is expected at this point of the year. Move yourself forward and notice how qualified you are to create the work of beauty, goodness and care that only you can bring into the world.

The New Moon, and your opportunity to visualize your genius, continues through Thursday, May 24 and then opens to the Crescent Phase in the late evening. At the Crescent Phase (which extends through Monday afternoon, May 28) it's time to do your research focusing on your 'Illumination' vision.

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