Monday, May 10, 2010

Following the Moon

Journal page, Drozda
14x17" collage

We're at the close of the Aries moon cycle (April 14-May 13) and these few days leading up to the next new moon on Thursday are opportune for dreaming and imaging what next? what now? what matters?

Journal page, Drozda
10x8" mixed media

As an artist you can apply some time now to talking to yourself. Talk about the direction your life is moving at this time. The over arching energy of this year pertains to developing a new/renewed sense of identity and the particular quality of this next moon cycle is geared to empower your wisdom. Invoke new and refreshing ways to share wisdom through your work. No one knows what that means for you. Delve. You get to discover it for yourself. Dive. There's never been an artist on the planet that has the ability to process and express in the way that you do so make a commitment to discover deeper layers of your language throughout this year.

Journal page, Drozda
11x14" brush & ink

These three days, called the Balsamic phase, take place at the close of each month's moon cycle. It's like a mini death...and it really is rather orgasmic. When you invest in this time with a conscious awareness you can produce extraordinary outcomes. It's a time for listening intently to your inner Muse and for trusting what comes. When you listen deeply the oddest thing feel heard.

By all means carve out your studio time and keep distractions to a minimum...every month/moon we receive these three magical alchemical days at the close to connect with what we will be giving birth to in the time ahead. Imagine what's coming to meet you.

~Sing the day


  1. How interesting! I just happened to be working hard at wrapping up some unfinished projects and planning out some new ones. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. How true, how true. For me, turning off everything that makes sounds around my home frees me to hear myself. What wonderful ideas and images come forth when we allow silence. I love "sing the day."

  3. I am blessed to be listening to a gentle rain... knowing it is rinsing away all all that has passed, cleansing the present moment. I am refreshed and ready to meet what is coming my way. Thank you Donna Iona, for this timely message. I too love "sing the day" and have changed it for my manta today to 'sing the dream". Sending you much love and blessings. Aloha.

  4. wow wow wow! your pages are wonderful! love your bones and your chakra piece and I count on being able to come here and stay tuned to the moon! xx's

  5. A gift to our (art)selves of a mini retreat. And to do this every month! Intentional quiet time. I really, really like this. It is sacred, to remember, to honor the artist that we are. I look forward to tomorrow and Thursday. (For tonight though it is LOST!) However, I did spend the day at Magee Marsh, birding. With friends, beautiful scenery--despite 44 degrees and pouring down rain! Also, I too love the journal pages, hmmmm, the bones and the "I die daily" truly relates to your message.

  6. Iona, I can come to you for the meaning in the moon phases! I always enjoy watching the moon- it is one celestial body we can still see 'mongst the light pollution in the city. I can drive 400 miles to the west and it gets very, very dark, and I feel infinity again.

  7. Iona, I am struck by the line: "when you listen deeply,the oddest thing happens, you feel heard." So true. I've been practicing this the last couple days, asking questions and listening for my deep internal response. The sense of calm and peaceful knowing is exquisite. Thank you.

  8. Here is the line that is really getting to me: "There's never been an artist on the planet that has the ability to process and express in the way that you do so make a commitment to discover deeper layers of your language throughout this year."

    I am going to hang these words up in my studio. I accept this challenge and I am grateful for it.

  9. thank you for the reminder, and your magical teaching ways :)
    xox K

  10. Claudine, isn't is so grand when we are aware of being 'tapped in'...the fact that you're wrapping up projects and starting new ones gives you that confirmation.

    Meg...Happy Birthday...I hope you are on your way to Paris!

    Mrs. Mosley...I LOVE "Sing the Dream" for the Balsamic...leave it to you to bring such a great connection!

    Cat~Thank you so much for the triple wow and the sweet affirmation.

    Yes, Indigo girl, a mini retreat is a fine way to envision the Balsamic phase...and lookie lookie we each receive that space every 30 days.
    Good for you for getting out in the marsh for a spring walk in the rain.

    Lynn...I invite you to put 'Art/Life' on your calandar and soon you will be looking forward to the Luna-see that follows in your studio.

    Hannah H...see how connected we are through the intuitive guidance we pick's a powerful confirmation to begin to notice that.

    Hannah P...I think it's very exciting that you found a gem to write out and post in your studio...what an adventure to track the lunar energy as it moves through us throughout the year.

    Hey darlin' K...Thanks. Means a lot. Big backatcha.

    Thank you all for coming over to share the Luna-See of Following the Moon.

  11. Iona,

    Your knowledge and fascination with the moon and its influence over us - artists in particular - struck a chord with me. I am fully convinced that moon phases do, indeed, have a pull on our lives.

    My husband is a Doctor, and he always jokes (and sometimes complains) that he hates being 'on call' the night of a full moon. Weird injuries and illnesses - even accidents - always happen much more often as the moon nears its full phase.

    So, I wonder - how can I use your knowledge and powers to discover myself during this time?

    I will continue to read all you proffer - and the work you create.

    SO powerful - your blog!

  12. Hi Iona. I come via Karin's blog. She spoke of your creativity and I had to come see/read. She was right. I love what you say:

    "When you invest in this time with a conscious awareness you can produce extraordinary outcomes. It's a time for listening intently to your inner Muse and for trusting what comes. When you listen deeply the oddest thing feel heard."

    I'm definitely taking that to heart. Thank you.

  13. Interesting, as Claudine commented! There have been so many signs that this is a wrapping up, finishing off time for me. I didn't plan it. It is just happening. Now to discover what is ahead! I am open to extraordinary outcomes. Thanks Donna.

  14. Interesting! I never thought about how moon cycle effects our creativity.
    I really liked the thought "When you listen deeply the oddest thing feel heard." I am heading to my studio right away to get some work done :)
    BTW.. love your journal pages!

  15. I blogged here from Quilt Architect.

    I feel a connect with your words of peace and moon information.

    Thank you.

  16. Thank you for sharing your's the 14th, what comes now????
    dream on...j

  17. You are such a good nudger.....

  18. Thank you for sharing this. I just wrote about my fears on my blog and your post is so meaningful to me at this time. Great journal entries too! I'm off to my studio.


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